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  2. Here is our Site!
  3. Hey you gamers! Us at The Higher Cause is recruiting for the PC! Go give our site a look! And join the ranks! We are a Causal clan, Who like to play together, And get competitive as well! We are looking for everything between Recruits and Leaders! We are open to game ideas! Here is our Site! Here is straight to our PC section. Here is the PC Application!
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  5. Combined Alliance of FineZ (CAF) Come join CAF, we are a small gaming clan looking for clan generals and officers to help lead the clan, if you're interested by any chance, please feel free to apply. We play a variety of games and we would like players to come play with us. We have many ranks to give out in our clan, ranks are dependant on the faction you selected in your application form you submitted. The ranks are inspired by military ranks ranging from WW2 countries such as America, British and many more. Since we are still new, we will be promoting you at a high pace towards the highest ranks. Hope to see you as the future Clan General and Officer! Apply for CAF To apply for the clan, please click here to fill up the application form. Also remember to register an account in our clan website so we can contact you via Private Message! Thank you so much for your time <3 - Khai229
  6. The Kithiverse is a brand new gaming community I started due to one too many bad experiences when gaming online. I decided to start this community so that decent respectful people could get together and play games together as well as show off and discuss the things they love without having to deal with being griefed in some way by the many toxic players that have become so common place in online games. I am hoping to build a community of people who just wish to relax and have fun and avoid that toxic side of gaming whilst treating each other with the respect we each deserve. If this sounds like something you would enjoy then please come and check us out, make some new friends and help me build this community into something awesome. Thanks for your time!
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  8. From the album Elite Dangerous

  9. From the album Elite Dangerous

    Payday for community goal.
  10. "A woman's wealth is measured in youth, fertilty and chastitiy." Welcome to the Middle Ages. What a load of horseshit this is. Scriv, I don't know where you keep finding this stuff but keep it coming, its very entertaining. Maybe this gal's dream will come true and Trump will grab her by the pussy.
  11. Hello, my name is Epixtaco and i'm going to tell you about Dystopia. ----------------------------------------------- We are a international gaming community that play a variety of games from Arma to Minecraft (Seriously). We welcome all ages, but even if we do accept any age you have to be mature, and respectful to all members. We also welcome people from different countries and have few people who we known for a few years that are foreign. We do joke around a lot and bash on each other but as a joke. If you can't take jokes then please don't consider joining. ------------------------------------------------ Requirements to join. Basically Discord and have a mic. Our discord link is If you have any questions add me from the server. (we gave graphics being made now)
  12. ------------ABOUT US------------The LMCT is a freedom-loving, multigaming community based around dark humour and social gaming with zero tolerance for drama, snowflakes, and political correctness.----------------REQUIREMENTS----------------- 18+- Be able to take jokes- Have access to Discord and a microphone-------FAQ-------- Q Can I join just to play one game?- A No. We are a multigaming community.- Q Do i need to be a skilled gamer to join?- A No. We are all equally worthless.- Q Is the LMCT a gender specific community?- A No. We have both male, female, and Apache members.----------Join us today! [Click me!]
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  15. Hello everyone I have just made Gta 5 Police RP clan. now, we are looking for members to fill our spots. You can choose from many different departments such as City, State Police, Sheriff and so on. we are looking for serious people to make this community better and as realistic as possible. to get started all you have to is go to either or you can go to and simply fill out our application.
  16. Heyo~ Toasted Eggplant here, and I'm representing AUG. AUG is a year or so old community of friendly people who enjoy playing PC games. As it stands we mostly play CS:GO, Civ 5, Overwatch, and Minecraft. We've recently decided to start trying to expand and well, here we are now~ If you're interested in joining you can pop into our discord @ or you can join our steam group @ Thank you for your time, yours truly, Toasted<3
  17. Total Unlimited Gaming (TUG) is a multi-gaming community which was founded in early 2017. TUG was established to provide a fun, laid back environment for all gamers to call home. We aim to operate servers in a variety of popular games and provide first class gaming solutions to all of members. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a globally recognised name for ourselves, and to establish ourselves as one of the world's most popular international communities. None of this can be achieved without the help of eternally dedicated and hard working staff team, made up of members of the community who wish to contribute on a higher level, ranging from in game admins and moderators to the development team which keeps all of the servers running and constantly updated with the latest unique features to keep our servers on top. We have just released our new ArmA 3 Altis Roleplay server and looking for new members to join the factions. New members start with 100k ingame money. Despite being a community based around a lot of different servers, every member has an amazing commitment to the overall community, which is celebrated through the regular events we hold, such as weekly debates on Teamspeak, or events in our servers which we encourage every member to participate in. We strive to always provide the best services that we can, and our community is built upon both the high quality of our servers and the astonishingly high quality and attitude of our member base, and we pride ourselves as a community to be able to say that we have such as amazing group of people, to which new additions are always welcome. We have a 1500 slot public teamspeak for all game types and everyone is welcome. Teamspeak: Website
  18. Here is a site that will diagnose the problem.
  19. Welcome back! Game of the month right now seems to be PUBG. ARK is still active and I've been playing a little more Elite Dangerous lately as well. Hang around Discord a bit
  20. HISTORY This organization was first made on July 29, 2016 as a Rocket League, Xbox team. It started up and in December of 2016, it fell, leaving only 2 members left in the abandoned team. But in February 2017 to this day, the CEO of the organization, iWolff (AKA. SWn Wolf) has rebooted the team by drafting xbox's best NA players, but he didn't stop there, on May 20, 2017, the Supersonic Wolves eSports organization made the leap in the Steam/PC Community! Now looking for members for ANY game, HOW TO JOIN Go into the "Recruitment Lobby" and wait, an Admin should be with you as soon as possible. Do not spam "Hello?", We're on or we're not. WHAT DO I NEED TO JOIN A game that you want to play COMPETITIVELY, and a microphone that isn't all that bad. Also have "SWn" when you play in Team Practices or Tournaments.
  21. a unstable oc can afect it
  22. baronvondoctor is mine
  23. any advice for a 4k plex server
  24. i used to be called monsterp took to long off about 5 years new name baronvondoctor slowly coming back i dont have many of the new game yet but any recommendations is good
  25. ### Looking for Ice Wolves wish to become a good competitive community but also just a chill community looking for members almost any age and rank. ### Contact The way you get in touch with us is joining our discord channel ( Then you will have to join the recruitment channels and wait till an admin or moderator comes on and that person will ask you a few questions to see if you are the perfect fit for us. ### Availability We are online 24/7 and wish for people to join us all the time. People from all around the world can join and play but we are centered in Europe and are mainly looking for members from Europe ### About the community/clan This community/clan is divided into different squads depending on rank / activity, but still rank doesn't matter to join the community. - Alpha - Bravo - Charlie - Delta In this system as you may would have expected Alpha is the best and most active. The other squads is still active and really good but Alpha is the best of the best and the most active ones. To get in to Alpha you have to be really good. The others (Bravo, Charlie, Delta) is really looking to be the best of the best but cant quite manage it yet, once you do it you will most likely get moved. DISCORD:
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