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  2. OrangNitro is gaming community that is not specific to any game. We play lots of games from Ranging from Shooters to Party to Survival games. We have around 200 Members and counting, We are an active community and very laid back. We have people that play all sorts of games, some of the more common games played in the group is ARK: Survival Evolved, League of Legends, Tower Unite and Call of Duty. The group is for all ages though we do allow profanity and there can be some explicit content though no nudity or racist content. Also we have active staff to keep things in check. Are Discord is well setup and managed we have tons of music channels you can talk in and some you can’t. Also we have a Member role for active people that is auto assigned to give you access to member only lobbies. Are Steam Group to show you things like when we have server you can get info to join them. Also it has an area for games that are free for more than steam. We have Discussion area though most people talk through Discord then on steam. To check us out Discord: Steam:
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  4. [GWA] Gaming Community / Clan You do not have to be a [GWA] member to play with us. We play many games and have many friends and looking to grow. Keep track of us through this steam page dont be scared to ask question. We have a ranking system thats not based on skill . Ranks are giving as your time progresses and team work . We are more then a clan we are a small gaming family. We give everyone a chance.
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  6. Rocktronix is an upcoming gaming community. We have a few gaming teams and we would like to create more, as well as massively expand on the community aspect to bring gamers together. We have about 50 members in the community so far and we would love to increase the community aspect to bring people together, doing what they enjoy, playing games. Alternatively, if you are a competitive gamer, then opportunities can be made for you to join one of our teams, or if we don't have one on a particular game, make one and represent us. We have a website, the website is orientated on the eSports and competitive aspect of the organisation.You can check it out here - We are a Discord community, and here is a link - We are confident we can hit 200 members by the end of the year, and we are confident you can help us all get there. Thank you all very much. Dom, Community Manager of Rocktronix
  7. Welcome to PCGN! Best of luck to you.;
  8. Welcome to PCGN! Agreed that Steam would be a great start! Good luck!
  9. Looks great Mike! Not sure about the AMD processor though as Rob says. The reviews are mixed on it, but it is cheap enough. My PC is from 2011 except for the Video card and SSD. Good luck Mike!
  10. Welcome to PCGN! Best of luck!
  11. PARADOX TEAM COMMUNITY Who are we? We are an old school community, founded on Dicember 2016. We are focused in Counter Strike 1.6 and new and amazing ways to play it. In fact we make possible somethings thought impossibles, check our servers you wont be dissapointed. Our community has multilingual support, since we are internationals, all members are like family, its a good enviroment to have a good time. Our Features Forums: Check it clicking here Ordered, Complete and efficent. Good design, support multi backgrounds, chat embeded. Anticheat Server Side: We developed our own anticheat, that blocks Wall, Aimbot, Exploits, detects some kind of malware and cheating software and auto detects SteamId Spoofers. This give you the safety to play here, in an unseen gaming enviroment CHEATER'S FREE. pDx Coins: This is a coins system, based in your skills in game, while you play you earn or lose Coins with each objective completed like bomb defuse, or plant, or kills. These pDx Coins will allow you to buy in our Virtual Shop. Virtual Shop: This is other neverseen feature. It's a place where you can buy Powers/Skins to use them in game. The amazing part of this is that you can use it in-game or in-web and the changes works in real time. Coded in html5 easy to use, and addictive. Its used in FORFUN servers. Reputation Points: This is a system based in rep points, used in COMPETITIVE servers (5vs5), these points show us how mature you are in game. Like esea you can rate postivie o negative the teammate and depending of the ammount of reputation earned player can be awarded with more privilegies or punished. HLStatsX Ranked: Complete Stats, detailed and funnny. Servers: This is the better part of our community. Our servers are divided in 2 categories Competitive and For Fun. And these are HLDS customized, we compiled our ones. This means we used reverse engeenering to decode the source then fixed the bugs/exploits/performance and finally recompiled them. +3000 FPS. Each server runs more than 3000 Frames per Second, this is possible due our server customization. You will feel the Smoothest gameplay ever. Perfect Bullet Registration. Amazing registration, interpolation, lag compensation and bullet processment are improved. Try it. No-lag. Minimum server rate is 100000, this will allow you always have the best performance. OUR IPS Our objective Become to the greatest old school community. Offer the best features for your skill development. Enjoy our time like a family and show to all the non possible (in theory) features we created. Final Words Join us, we care your comfort, you enjoy your gameplay.
  12. My PC is roughly 3yr old with the exception of my video card. Still performs great, just want something newer.
  13. Hmmmm. First off, welcome to PCGN. For games I would start with Enjoy!!
  14. New Recruitment Poster Courtesy of ZektorSK
  15. hi. I'm very new this. I like sports games. I am on windows 10. where do I go to get good games
  16. We just started and are recruiting We are a GTAIV clan, since we have had a bit of problems in GTA5 Departments: NYPD NYFD New York Dispatch Center Civ Application Link:
  17. Ah sick! I didn't catch that. I knew you had something up your sleeve there. What prompted your decision to upgrade? Performance or curiosity?
  18. Just for the M2 slot, I have a couple other 500GB SSD drive to add.
  19. That looks cool. I don't know much about Ryzen so I'm curious how it'll perform for you. Just 1 500gb ssd?
  20. Here is a list of parts I've selected so far. The build is missing a Video card. I'll be using my EVGA GTX 1070. I didn't high end on everything, but looking to upgrade my 3yr+ hardware. Please post any thoughts, this will be my first Ryzen CPU experience.
  21. Hello, this is Sam Sloth one of two owners of the gaming community The Canopy. We've been running this community for a couple of months now just for us and some friends, now we think it's time to expand. We play many games such as Arma 3, Rust, CS GO, League of legends, The forest, and many more. We have a discord that is run by friendly staff and our community. We like to joke around and have fun and just have a good time. If you would like to join our community please click on the discord link and fallow the instructions that discord gives you to join and wait to be greated by one of our staff! Thank you and have fun.
  22. The Nine Grounds We are a multi division gaming community run off of a simple community-staff and division leader hierarchy. We are owned and operated by MasterYodA, who currently hosts and develops the community. We have a fully custom coded website from scratch with applications and separate divisions. We communicate through Teamspeak 3, and run divisions for Arma 3 and Battlegrounds, with many more to come. Future things to come for the community are acquiring sponsorships, creating professional esports teams, and hosting custom game servers. The only thing in our way is the lack of player base, only running off of 20-40 members. The community is ready to expand and accept new members. Join today! Community Website: Arma 3 Division: Battlegrounds Division: TS3:
  23. Hello and welcome to PCGN! I moved your post to the appropriate section of the forums. Good luck
  24. Please Note that currently we are focussing more on the Dutch side of our community. But in the near future we will be focussing a lot on the English Side. Thank You for your understanding. Gaming Alliance is a Multi-Gaming Community wich focusus on gaming. What orriginally started with Rust, has grown out to alot more games. Think about popular games for example ‘PlayerUnknown Battlefrounds’, ‘GTA V’, ‘Overwatch, ‘Battlefield Franchise’, ‘Rocket League’ and many more awesome games. Gaming Alliance consists of a group of young individuals, who like to game together and have alot of fun while doing it. Any form of negativity to someone, within Discord or In-Game, will not be tolerated. Dont confuse us with boring people. We talk all day long about nonsense and having fun! From new to pro players or casual to competitive, Gaming Alliance offers a place for everyone to enjoy the game with some company. Dont be shy to Join our Discord. Join Discord: Do you want to become an ally of Gaming Alliance? Check our Forum!
  25. Apollo Gaming A community for gamers made by gamers. Apollo Gaming community has a large variety of servers providing opportunities for members to experience games in a unique way for them. We are dedicated in providing the best game play experience for our members and pride ourselves in developing and expanding our servers using our members feedback. Where it all began. Apollo Logistics first started as a VTC back in December of 2015, after rebranding from Nordic LTD. It started off with Djinsomnia, Fatal, Chris Carr, Louie G & Chris V as the main managers. From there the VTC grew and we found that a lot of people played all sorts of other games as well as ETS2. That was when Apollo Gaming Community was formed. Since then we have grown in leaps and bounds. In May 2016, we partnered with Get Gaming Foundation, enabling us to keep the community going with hosting support from there we now hold a multitude of gaming servers ranging from Farming Simulator, Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved and many more. Today we still consist of many members from our original player base plus many new people that we class as friends. Our current servers include: FiveM Farming simulator Minecraft Ark We also have groups in: PUBG Euro Truck simulator American Truck simulator However, as a community we also play a variety of games. Where can you find us? Website: Facebook: Discord: TeamSpeak: Twitter: Twitch: ApolloGamingCommunity Other things you may like to know. -We are currently working on streaming games to Twitch and promoting those within our gaming community. -We are also developing inner community tournaments and game nights. -Our user base is worldwide, however most of our members are from the UK.
  26. Hello and thank you for clicking on this forum post our Server name is ( [US/UK] Classic Arma 3 Life | Ts ). We our somewhat a new community on arma 3. The server was founded and started June 4th of 2017. We our a unwhitelisted server and accepted all and everyone into the communtiy. We are based around A3L and are promoting Good roleplay, If you ever wanted to play a good Lakeside server with 10/10 RP. Well you have found the right place. Classic Arma 3 life official website : Arma 3 life official teamspeak : Steam Group : We do not take credit for any of the addons in the addon pack.
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