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Ice Wolves gaming community

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### Looking for

Ice Wolves wish to become a good competitive community but also just a chill community looking for members almost any age and rank. 

### Contact

The way you get in touch with us is joining our discord channel ( Then you will have to join the recruitment channels and wait till an admin or moderator comes on and that person will ask you a few questions to see if you are the perfect fit for us.

### Availability

We are online 24/7 and wish for people to join us all the time. People from all around the world can join and play but we are centered in Europe and are mainly looking for members from Europe

### About the community/clan

This community/clan is divided into different squads depending on rank / activity, but still rank doesn't matter to join the community.
- Alpha
- Bravo
- Charlie
- Delta

In this system as you may would have expected Alpha is the best and most active. The other squads is still active and really good but Alpha is the best of the best and the most active ones. To get in to Alpha you have to be really good. The others (Bravo, Charlie, Delta) is really looking to be the best of the best but cant quite manage it yet, once you do it you will most likely get moved.


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