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  1. Welcome to PCGN! Best of luck to you.;
  2. Welcome to PCGN! Agreed that Steam would be a great start! Good luck!
  3. Looks great Mike! Not sure about the AMD processor though as Rob says. The reviews are mixed on it, but it is cheap enough. My PC is from 2011 except for the Video card and SSD. Good luck Mike!
  4. Welcome to PCGN! Best of luck!
  5. Hello and welcome to PCGN! I moved your post to the appropriate section of the forums. Good luck
  6. Welcome to PCGN! You guys Engineers?
  7. I really feel like playing this again Mike!
  8. Pretty amazing man! Very inspiring!
  9. Wow! Those videos look amazing! I want to have at some a dat!
  10. Hey they KNOW what YOU like! And they will TELL YOU what YOU like. tongue planted firmly in cheek....
  11. For some odd reason this post just showed up for me on the unread list today. Thank you for this Drew! Great post!
  12. Last night a group of a few very brave PCGN members (Me being the bravest) attacked and conquered Sector B. It was extremely difficult, and came at great cost; we lost a few less talented and unfortunate PCGN members....LOL However, the plan to attack is pretty well scripted in our minds and I will attempt to add my feeble thoughts here. We fly in very low using the Merlin as it takes a ton of damage. We do a very quick land on the southeast beach which should place us near the opening in the wall close to the Red Roof barn inside. We clear the beach systematically, and with minimal, but clear comms. Our goal is to get to the barn while picking off all the AI we can between the wall and the barn. Only when ALL the AI are cleared, the heli should be safe to disembark returning to Kameni to pick up those killed. REMEMBER where you died your gear will be there as a cross! Once we make our way to the barn we all take a vantage points to clear what we can from there with the goal of making it to the wall and moving to the air craft hangers. The M2 gunners and snipers on the wall are of the highest priority! These guys have aimbots so they rarely miss. Use hard cover at all times! Once we make it there we advance towards the construction building in a line formation, clearing all along the way. Mayor George may be in the showers in the construction building and he is our goal. We need his blueprint for the strong hold. From there we advance towards the ATC tower, commercial hangers, and clear the rest of the island. If you run aimlessly, you absolutely WILL be KILLED!. Use cover and make good shots to the head. There will be some Hueys there to load the gear into , but they will not last beyond the restart so get the gear in your houses or vehicles. I am counting on you young , brave men and woman (Vapro) to bring your a games tonight! I smell VICTORY! Oh that's not victory I just farted....