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  1. Please Note that currently we are focussing more on the Dutch side of our community. But in the near future we will be focussing a lot on the English Side. Thank You for your understanding. Gaming Alliance is a Multi-Gaming Community wich focusus on gaming. What orriginally started with Rust, has grown out to alot more games. Think about popular games for example ‘PlayerUnknown Battlefrounds’, ‘GTA V’, ‘Overwatch, ‘Battlefield Franchise’, ‘Rocket League’ and many more awesome games. Gaming Alliance consists of a group of young individuals, who like to game together and have alot of fun while doing it. Any form of negativity to someone, within Discord or In-Game, will not be tolerated. Dont confuse us with boring people. We talk all day long about nonsense and having fun! From new to pro players or casual to competitive, Gaming Alliance offers a place for everyone to enjoy the game with some company. Dont be shy to Join our Discord. Join Discord: https://discord.gg/S4yeact Do you want to become an ally of Gaming Alliance? Check our Forum! https://www.gamingalliance.nl/forum/