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  1. PARADOX TEAM COMMUNITY Who are we? We are an old school community, founded on Dicember 2016. We are focused in Counter Strike 1.6 and new and amazing ways to play it. In fact we make possible somethings thought impossibles, check our servers you wont be dissapointed. Our community has multilingual support, since we are internationals, all members are like family, its a good enviroment to have a good time. Our Features Forums: Check it clicking here Ordered, Complete and efficent. Good design, support multi backgrounds, chat embeded. Anticheat Server Side: We developed our own anticheat, that blocks Wall, Aimbot, Exploits, detects some kind of malware and cheating software and auto detects SteamId Spoofers. This give you the safety to play here, in an unseen gaming enviroment CHEATER'S FREE. pDx Coins: This is a coins system, based in your skills in game, while you play you earn or lose Coins with each objective completed like bomb defuse, or plant, or kills. These pDx Coins will allow you to buy in our Virtual Shop. Virtual Shop: This is other neverseen feature. It's a place where you can buy Powers/Skins to use them in game. The amazing part of this is that you can use it in-game or in-web and the changes works in real time. Coded in html5 easy to use, and addictive. Its used in FORFUN servers. Reputation Points: This is a system based in rep points, used in COMPETITIVE servers (5vs5), these points show us how mature you are in game. Like esea you can rate postivie o negative the teammate and depending of the ammount of reputation earned player can be awarded with more privilegies or punished. HLStatsX Ranked: Complete Stats, detailed and funnny. Servers: This is the better part of our community. Our servers are divided in 2 categories Competitive and For Fun. And these are HLDS customized, we compiled our ones. This means we used reverse engeenering to decode the source then fixed the bugs/exploits/performance and finally recompiled them. +3000 FPS. Each server runs more than 3000 Frames per Second, this is possible due our server customization. You will feel the Smoothest gameplay ever. Perfect Bullet Registration. Amazing registration, interpolation, lag compensation and bullet processment are improved. Try it. No-lag. Minimum server rate is 100000, this will allow you always have the best performance. OUR IPS Our objective Become to the greatest old school community. Offer the best features for your skill development. Enjoy our time like a family and show to all the non possible (in theory) features we created. Final Words Join us, we care your comfort, you enjoy your gameplay.