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  1. Hi , found this site after googling "where can I advertise my clan" ... So here I am. Been a Gamer now for ..too many years , (I'm 43) from UK, I have kids a Wife and a Dog (love my dog). I have a few other hobbies, Photography being one that I love, ..used to play Bass in many bands too , but who cars right? and I do enjoy walking my dog. (her name is Zelda btw) Hope you're all fine and dandy! I've started a Destiny 2 clan on Feel free to check us out I know , Destiny isn't released for over a month yet. But I'm too excited! (43? ...yeah you saw that right)
  2. I know it's early days, but now's a good time to start building up clan numbers ready for the release of Destiny 2 PC Based in EU/UK , we're mature gamers looking to help each other out with any challenge in Destiny 2 PC. Veterans and new players welcome, loan wolf or team up , play it your way. Competitive multiplayer, raids and every thing in between! We use Discord with plenty of pre made fire team channels , join with your friends, without interruption. Sign up, make new friends and invite your old ones! PC exclusive clan. You can join by following the link. Cya!