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  1. I still remember hearing the "Damn the Torpedos" album at a dorm party in 1979. Sounded great then and still does today.
  2. "A woman's wealth is measured in youth, fertilty and chastitiy." Welcome to the Middle Ages. What a load of horseshit this is. Scriv, I don't know where you keep finding this stuff but keep it coming, its very entertaining. Maybe this gal's dream will come true and Trump will grab her by the pussy.
  3. go trump go!
  4. I'm just expressing my opinions. That's allowed isn't it? As far as that other forum, nobody seems to be moderating it.
  5. I guess that civility is too much of a reach for you. If you publish your opinions you must be prepared to be challenged. I will not be bullied by you or anyone else and I'm as proud of my beliefs as you are of yours. So let's have it. Give me some more "alternative facts."
  6. "Failure" LOL. Are you sure you can keep it civil?
  7. He's just a child. He can't possibly understand what he's saying. What's your excuse?
  8. I prefer the original.
  9. Fire, First off, we're enjoying the server. Since .60 has been released to stable interest has picked up within our clan. I would like to start the discussion about reintroducing some night back into the server cycle. The lighting effects are much improved with the new engine but we're not getting the full effect of the sunrise and sunset with night turned off. I don't know what options you have but maybe we could do a 80/20 day/night? I would also like to see more variable weather conditions. Rain, fog, colder temps, etc. would enhance the survival aspects of the game and make it more realistic, focusing more attention on finding the right kind of gear needed to survive rather than just straight up PVP. I would like to hear others thoughts. McGuirk
  10. I would like to extend an invite to all PCGN members who might like to join us. When: Sunday, February 8th. 14:00 CST. What: Arma3 "KOTH" (King of the Hill) Required to play: An updated version of Arma 3. (No special mods needed) We'll gather on =SWF= TS and select a server. SYOTB!
  11. I've shot a few of those Moose/Elk/Caribou/Reindeer whatever they are. It will get a lot more interesting when the vehicles arrive. I'll get in the habit of checking your TS before i load in.
  12. Just curious, how many of you are currently playing Dayz Standalone? I seem to be the only SWF member playing it on a regular basis. If you have some regular players maybe we could team up.
  13. 90% sure I can make this one. You can place me anywhere except pilot.
  14. Thanks, Ed, I'll check them out.