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  1. Dust and airship parts I donated a most of this yesterday... I has a stack or two laying around. SO i think it's just the sparks...?
  2. Hi Guys, Is anyone interested in starting RAIDING events? Don't worry if you are not experienced, none of us are. It will be good to learn together! If you are keen to do raids can you please make ourselves known. Again I think this could be a weekly thing, just need to get it going. Please post days and times that will be suitable. Tegs
  3. Hi guys, If you are keen to do some of the HOT content (master points, HPs, POIs etc) can you please post your interest here. It doesn't matter if you don't have things like Lean gliding ETC (however, poison master will help in Tangled Depths and Dragon Stand) Tregs and I are thinking that If people are keen we would do a weekly run on a Wednesday or Thursday evening depending on interest. Please post times and day preference that would be suitable for you. If you don't know, Tregs ingame name is Treganna, he will tag up for this and take us on a merry tour, just whisper either of us for information. Thanks Tegs
  4. From the album Tegs - Guild Wars 2

  5. PVP

    You have some smooth moves girlie!
  6. From the album Tegs - Guild Wars 2

  7. From the album Tegs - Guild Wars 2

  8. From the album Tegs - Guild Wars 2

  9. Hi guys, Tregs rerecorded our off map adventure in to Dragon Stand - this is the youtube stuff you want to watch if you want to try getting off map - it is a MUCH better tutorial
  10. In our spare time Tregs & I like to explore the maps a bit, and we have found some nifty spots to get right off the maps and in to the unknown; http://www.pc-gamers.net/index.php?/gallery/album/19-tegs-guild-wars-2/ Would be awesome to show the guild around here and perhaps get some unique guild screenies! Just message either of us in game and we will show you around! I also, really want to credit My Tregs with all of this, he is really amazing at winkling our all the possibilities I was just lucky to be able to join him for the ride. Here are a couple of youtube clips showing our progress; Cities of Gold & Batherholes; and our route from Pact base camp to Dragonstand Mouth while the event is gated.