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  1. New Recruitment Poster Courtesy of ZektorSK
  2. Thanks. Hoping to drum up a bit of attention for our organisation here. Get to know the server. Have heard a lot about pc gamers and often read articles on total war anyway. Figured spreading the word about Order of Bogatyrs here might also be useful.
  3. The Order of Bogatyrs provides communications services via Discord and Steam, however news about the starmade faction is posted regularly on the starmade faction's thread and on the starmade faction's website
  4. The Order of Bogatyrs is a gaming clan with interests across Space, Strategy and War games. The Order of Bogatyrs mainly focuses on the following games: Starmade, Total War Series, however members actively play other games and the clan will almost certainly be expanding to facilitate Space Engineers, EvE Online, Warframe, Age of Empires Series, Sid Meier's Civilization Series. In Starmade, The Order of Bogatyrs is a full service, dynamic and trustworthy corporatocratic government that specializes in a expansion through commerce. We have been growing since 2015 and are actively recruiting members. One of our goals is to ensure that people get to make the most of the game and the way we achieve that is by teaching newcomers how to get better at the game, as well as providing an interesting, developed and positive environment, where all your inputs are valued. Our clan differs from man other factions in starmade in the regard that we provide facilities for casual gameplay, elaborate co-operative building as well as active roleplay engagement. Join our community for access to our facilities as well as to learn more about respective clan games, meet new people and get advice on gaming-related issues. We currently administer 2 servers in starmade and host a Mount & Blade Warband Multiplayer Server. We also host a private build server for members of the faction to be able to build together, in peace, with as little lag and/or internet problems as possible. With official 'colonies' on 16 servers and minor interests on a few others, we are placed to provide you with resources and help on most major servers around. We have members from all around the world, including, for example, these countries: Australia Austria Brazil Chile France Germany Ireland Italy Latvia Portugal Russia Spain Ukraine United Kingdom United States We are currently looking for members with a focus of our starmade divisions. Have a look at our website if you are interested in our starmade division or in the clan as a whole. (Click here for website if previous link not working) Now, if you are a roleplayer and are interested in delving into the roleplay aspects of our starmade expansion, our wikia is a good place to start. (Click here for wikia if previous link not working) Whilst if you want to have a quick read of our starmade interests without delving too deep into the website or the wikia, our forum threads on starmadedock (main starmade forum) can be off use. Link 1 Link 2 Please, if you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at at orderofbogatyrs@planetmail.com Alternatively, if you are ready to sign up, here is an application form. Some taster images of our ships OOB Bullshark Patrol Vessel is pictured above . HS Astraeus Orbital Satellite is pictured above