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      We have updated our website to a completely different platform and therefore no new registrations or posts will be allowed on these forums. What has change: We have shortened our domain. It is now pcgn.net. Pc-Gamers.net is now being redirected to the new domain. Because of the platform change, we were not able to transfer any data to the new website. This includes 6,000+ user accounts and all posts. These forums will not go away, but rather remain intact for our communities history. The new site will require you to create a new account.


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  1. Heyo~ Toasted Eggplant here, and I'm representing AUG. AUG is a year or so old community of friendly people who enjoy playing PC games. As it stands we mostly play CS:GO, Civ 5, Overwatch, and Minecraft. We've recently decided to start trying to expand and well, here we are now~ If you're interested in joining you can pop into our discord @ https://discord.gg/TQhegSg or you can join our steam group @ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/REALAUG#announcements/ Thank you for your time, yours truly, Toasted<3