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  1. Before I start this post, would like to apologize if multiple posts to "bump" are not allowed. If it is not, just let me know. Honor is still looking for people to come together and help build up its foundation. The community has a small amount of people as of now, but I am hoping that those who come across this page/post will take an interest in helping us. Though we have a small memberbase, we will still plan on doing everything that we can to provide a community worth joining. When we start building up our foundation, we will start to form on games mentioned in original post, such as: Albion, ArcheAge, Black Desert Online, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Neverwinter, and others for the MMORPG side. While we will eventually play those MMORPG games, we will also take part in FPS games such as the likes of: Argo, Arma III, Black Squad, and War Face with considerations for other games as well. The community as mentioned will be casual, but we would like people to pop on as often as they can. Without an active memberbase, nothing can prosper. With all that being said, I hope those who may have even a little spark of interest come and give us a chance. The buildup will be slow at first, but with your help, everything will come together. Thank you for reading and hope to see some new people join up with us. I should also include that our website url has now changed. We can be found at: http://www.Honor-Gaming.com P.S. To any Admin/Moderator, how may I edit my original post above with my community's information? Thanks in advance.
  2. Welcome to Honor's introduction topic. This is a gaming community in its early stages, with a hope and vision to become an active, casual, and fun place for people to come together to play a variety of online RPG/FPS games. The idea behind creating a gaming community was thought of by myself and another friend around late 2015, early 2016. This idea came to mind when I suggested to that friend that in time, we should consider making our own alliance/clan/community on another game. However, the idea did not come to reality due to certain issues coming up outside of gaming. With things settling down, I decided to take the chance and start building up the essentials that we would need. Though the community is new, this also makes it an ideal place for people to come together and help us build a gaming community for others to join in with and enjoy. The idea of Honor has taken off, but we are still hovering around a small group of friends who mostly chat and talk on our Discord. Honor will aim to play a variety of online games, such as: ArcheAge, Black Desert Online, Chivalry Medieval Warfare, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Life Is Feudal: MMO, NeverWinter, WarFace, and many more games. We hope that those looking for a place to play online games, such as the ones listed, join us in our adventures. To those interested, please visit our website which is below. We also use Discord, which can be found on our forums as well. https://honor.enjin.com/forum