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  1. Updated recruitment thread since I can't edit the original on this website: The Shattered Light Crusaders (SLIC) philosophy is to retake our light from Ghaul, and to defend it against any other future potential threats. We are looking for members who are social, end-game focused, PC players that are looking to have fun while improving their power levels at the same time. We're a NA clan that will run Weekly Milestones together such as Raids, Nightfalls, Call to Arms, and Public Events etc. Our clan’s leadership are veteran players that have played since the Destiny 1 alpha. We are a very new clan, but we will be very dedicated to end-game content. We have a couple ways for members to socialize with each other such as through our clan’s main website or Discord. We have an open membership policy so that anyone can join. Our goal before release is to recruit at least 20 new members into the clan [5/20]. Our vision is to grow so that we can expand beyond weekly milestones into every aspect of Destiny 2 together as a clan. Join the clan using your Batttle.net account https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2576964 Discord https://discord.gg/bacnCzH Clan website http://slic.clanwebsite.com/
  2. The Shattered Light Crusaders (SLIC) is a new Destiny 2 clan created just days ago based in NA that will be focused on PvE content once the game is released on PC. We will run lots of Strikes, and we will have scheduled Raids, and Nightfalls. We try to appeal to semi-casual players, but anyone is allowed to join the clan even if you are new to the game. New members trying to join the clan should click this recruitment link https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2576964, and then hit the Join button. Currently, it is open membership for everyone who wants to join. Join our Discord, and come say hello. https://discord.gg/UvGPwHk