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  1. **Who are we?** The G.O.A.T PMC is a Relaxed-Milsim unit. Doing campaign style operations internationally. We currently have around 10-15 active members with a few on leave. Coming from all around the Globe, there is almost always somebody online who can help if you have a problem, this includes training, help with mods or just to talk. We're there. **Why Join Us?** The G.O.A.T PMC is unique. We utilize a payment system which is fully automated by you simply being on the server. This also includes a fully functional marketplace where you can buy all of your own gear and customize yourself however you please. We also have a custom revive system in place alongside ACE medical. We do keep a rank system which is a PMC Style structure. Without needing people to say Yes Sir/No Sir. The hierarchy is simply limited to Section Leaders, and the second in command. The 3 current Sections we utilize are Foxhound, Matchmaker & Cobra (Recon Team). Our weekly ops follow an interactive story campaign style (Usually backed by up to 3 Zeus players). While 1 Zeus gives us a battle to fight, another could be interacting with us in multiple ways that change the game, Offering help or trying to betray us. We do operate on a "Serious, but fun." level, You can laugh and joke but you have to be serious when it counts, we also operate under the case of "We are not military, we are mercenaries." If it gets the job done, We're fine with it. Our Op times are Saturdays at 6PM GMT. Reply if interested