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      We have updated our website to a completely different platform and therefore no new registrations or posts will be allowed on these forums. What has change: We have shortened our domain. It is now pcgn.net. Pc-Gamers.net is now being redirected to the new domain. Because of the platform change, we were not able to transfer any data to the new website. This includes 6,000+ user accounts and all posts. These forums will not go away, but rather remain intact for our communities history. The new site will require you to create a new account.


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  1. After Hours Gaming is a newly formed multiplayer community recruiting casual gamers that have the desire to play games and have fun with friends that share similar interests There is no pressure to perform at an elite level or have the best player skills in game.The main focus of this group is to appeal to people who just want to relax,drink a few beers,and have some laughs while playing with others.The core of this community was founded by a small group of close friends with similar ideas for how a gaming community should be run and we have come together to share our time with like minded people.I encourage those that would like to join come with a positive mindset and have a desire to be social and be part of this growing community.The main games we play at this time are Destiny 2,Tom Clancy's Wildlands,PUBG,Fortnite,League of Legends.We are always open to suggestions on what new game we might focus on and every members input is valued by the leadership. Requirements to join are as follows. Be at least 20 or older Have a positive attitude and willing to play as a team Be willing to listen and take direction when needed Have a working headset with mic Thick skin isnt required but is suggested Toxic behavior is not allowed or welcomed Active hours are 5pm-2am cst on most days but can normally always catch a few people online at all times. Feel free to join our discord and give us a try. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AfterHoursGamingAHG https://discord.gg/SqQNSQ4